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A new customer

acquisition era

Boost your revenue!

Technical knowledge is not enough. Customer acquisition is actually the right equation between ingenuity and experience.

TrafficMonkeys is the result of 15 years of experience and best practices brought together in the digital industry.

At TM, we stimulate growth for businesses all over the world, by providing them a large volume of new customers.

Thanks to the latest technologies and a team of world class marketing experts, we work alongside your sales and marketing team to increase your closing rate and your revenue !

We scale our lead acquisition from more than 20+ traffic sources and distribute high intent customers at a fixed price per lead, in real time, into any CRM.


Attract, convert, close… delight!

Why choosing

Traffic Monkeys?

15 years of expertise

We have a very deep knowledge of your sector.
Thanks to the best practices we have accumulated during the past years, we choose the top traffic sources, Ads, creatives or Landing pages that will match with your products and services.
We know how to target the right audience and generate the best leads, that you will convert into sales.

We understand your needs, and meet them by implementing the right marketing and sales funnels, which will allow you to close twice more than any other provider.
Tired of trialing new partners, with low outcomes ? We know how to implement a new campaign in a very short time and achieve the KPIs you want

High quality & best traffic sources

Our team of senior marketing experts use the latest traffic sources and a unique platform that distribute the right lead to the right campaign
We design our own ads, develop custom landing pages, shoot photos, record videos, and produce all of the media whatever your campaign needs.
We spend in the best marketing channels to generate leads that convert twice more than usual

A resolutely commercial approach

Understanding our clients is key for us. We carry out an in-depth analysis of each client’s needs, in order to offer a unique and tailor-made service. We capitalize on our deep expertise to offer the right approach and solution.


Our ability to be more flexible and responsive than a large structure is obvious. We focus on your needs and we know how to reduce the usual processes if necessary. We find the best solutions for you rapidly.

The best ratio between price and quality

What if you wanted a good service but you also need fast results? With this scenario, the odds are against you if you are wanting this scenario at a low price.

At TM, we offer the best quality at the right price.

In growth

we trust!

Buy quality leads and let earnings growth take care of your ROI!

Revenue Growth

Lead volumes
(Happy customer lifecycle)

Key benefits

for you

Powerful Acquisition

To enhance your development, our unique algorithm distributes the right lead to the right campaign. We choose the best audience in perfect time via top traffic sources with full GDPR compliance.

Smart Qualification

Our teams of marketing experts have combined years of expertise with customized landing pages which generate engaging, conversational forms to ensure the best conversion into customers with a real intention to buy. All our pages are continuously A/B tested in order to offer the best experience to our thousands of monthly visitors.

Rapid Outcome, Simple and Measurable

We work on a performance basis: no fees, no membership, you pay only for the leads you get.

Data wins arguments

Data takes the discussion from “I think” to one of “Let me show you”.
We continuously ask for your feedback and integrate sales data in our campaigns optimizations in order to adapt quickly and make the necessary changes.

Our success is your success!

Work with us!


Of the leads are sent in real-time

into your CRM

10 000

Our clients can receive up to 10 000 leads per month

with full GDPR compliance


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30 different languages.